notes and events

Annual meeting

The meeting scheduled for Tues Dec 13 has been postponed.

Dryer Vents

Owners must submit annual dryer vent inspection/cleaning reports to the management office by April 30th of each year. Inspections must be dated between January 1st and April 30th.

Dogs and Cats

Dogs and cats must be kept on leash whenever they are in common areas. They must not be tied or left unattended in common areas, including walkways and stairways, and are not allowed to run free.

Property Manager

Resolution Property Mgmt
7 Bernards Rd
Merrimack, NH 03054

Cindy Carroll, Property Mgr
Phone: 603.424.1480


Society Hill is located at Brunswick Rd off Daniel Webster Hwy in Merrimack, NH.

IMPORTANT NOTICE December 12, 2016

The Annual Meeting scheduled for Tuesday December 13, 2016 has been postponed. We apologize for any inconvenience to our members.

Notice of a new schedule date will be mailed to all unit owners within 60 days and will provide at least 21 days advance notice of the meeting.
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Snow Removal Policies and Procedures

The Association reserves the right to tow vehicles that are not moved for snow removal procedures. Vehicles must remain in parking spaces until the storm has concluded; roadways have been cleared; or the Brunswick sign has been posted indicating "parking space snow removal today".

There will be no parking on any roadway at any time during snowfall, roadway snow clearing, and, if necessary, cleanup to open roadways to their full width until the "Parking Space Snow Removal Today" sign is posted.


  1. All owners, residents, and guests will be familiar and comply with the snow removal procedures and will cooperate with the Board of Directors, the Covenants Committee, the Maintenance Committee, the Managing Agent, and contractors.
  2. It is the responsibility of the vehicle owners to be aware of impending snow removal operations and the need to relocate vehicles per the snow removal procedures of section 4.9 of these rules and regulations.
  3. Any vehicle that impedes snow removal is subject to immediate towing at the expense of the owner and without prior warning or notice. The authority to tow any such vehicle is specifically delegated to the contractor and the employees or other agents of the contractor.
  4. No vehicle parked in the non resident/overflow parking lot in accordance with these rules and regulations will be subjected to towing solely because it impedes snow removal from that lot.


  1. The contractor will post a "Parking Space Snow Removal Today" sign by 6:00 AM on the south side of Brunswick Road between its intersection with Galloway Road and its intersection with Scituate Place. Every day the sign is posted parking space snow removal operations are conducted between 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM. Snow removal will be in the order specified as follows, or in any such order as may be warranted by conditions and determined by the snow removal contractor based on resident cooperation.
    1. 5 Bernards Road (Bldg. 21) parking lots
    2. 1 Scituate Place (Bldg. 22) side of Scituate Place parking lot
    3. 2 Scituate Place (Bldg. 23) side of Scituate Place parking lot
    4. 2 Galloway Road (Bldg. 1) parking lot
    5. 3 Galloway Road (Bldg. 2) parking lot
    6. 92 107 Middlesex Road (Bldgs. 3 & 9)
    7. 108 123 Middlesex Road (Bldgs. 4 & 8)
    8. 124 139 Middlesex Road (Bldgs. 5 & 7)
    9. 141 155 Middlesex Road (Bldg. 6)
    10. 77 91 Middlesex Road (Bldg. 10)
    11. 61 75 Middlesex Road (Bldg. 11)
    12. 45 59 (odd) Middlesex Road (Bldg. 12)
    13. 29 43 (odd) Middlesex Road (Bldg. 13)
    14. 11 27 (odd) Middlesex Road (Bldg. 14)
    15. 2 12 Middlesex Road (Bldg. 15)
    16. 14 60 (even) Middlesex Road (Bldgs. 16, 17, & 18)
    17. 4 34 Bernards Road (Bldgs. 19 & 20)
  2. Only the snow removal contractor and others expressly authorized by the Board of Directors are authorized to plow snow.
  3. There will be no parking on any roadway at any time during snowfall, roadway snow clearing, and, if necessary, cleanup to open roadways to their full width until the "Parking Space Snow Removal Today" sign is posted.


The office receives frequent complaints pertaining to parking. Vehicles are not permitted to park on any roadway except for Bernards Rd., facing downhill towards Middlesex Rd., and on Galloway Rd. for the purpose of loading or unloading a vehicle.

Any vehicle parked on any roadway or on lawns is subject to towing at the owner's expense.